Slim and striking,  the Welagoni will fit effortlessly into a tight hallway or a lobby to play host for its owners and guests, without eating up all the space. The name is inspired by the phrase “Welcome and Good Night”, descriptive of this designs functionality in greeting its user on their way in or out. A surface to sit on supported, rest their legs, putting on shoes  or digging through a bag. The 20cm width means  Welagoni can be used both as a sideboard or as a narrow bench, and the design provides a functional storage space for shoes or books.

The Welagoni is made of solid oak wood, steady and sustained. The material and the flexibility to serve different purposes in the house or public space make it a truly eternal piece. The design comes in two different sizes and is perfect for different life situations.

Made in Finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time 6-8 weeks
Dimensions:  92 x 20 x 45, 125 x 20 x 45, 158 x 20 x 45
International delivery: Please contact info@tebian.fi

Product Fact Sheet

“I still remember when I moved into my first small city apartment. 18 square meters of space, just for me. I had a single bed, a small bench in the hallway, a table that sat two. I loved every square meter of that place. When I moved in with my partner, the only thing I took with me was the bench, like a token of my youth. We used it as a TV stand in our small living room. So much it has seen, this bench. My daughter learned to tie her shoelaces sat on it. When she grows up, I want her to have it in her first apartment. Everything changes, except for some things.”