.TEBIAN is an independent multidimensional
design brand based in Helsinki, Finland.

Founded in 2011 by Teppo Lakaniemi, .TEBIAN is a creative channel for the designer, with a purpose to bring forth pieces that stand the test of time and space. Design that knows its own mind, always curious and innovative. Each piece, large and small, articulates the creator’s honest artistic style, adhering to his distinct inner world and bringing a part of it to homes, restaurants and public spaces. With a key focus on furniture, the creator keeps its creative mind open for anything that is interesting at a point in time, unconstrained to any specific sector of design.

.TEBIAN furniture collection comprises of a wide variety of pieces that complement each other fluently or add a striking conversation starter to any space on their own. They bring joy and practicality in homes, restaurants and public spaces. Each detail and part has been and skilfully produced by the best craftsmen and -women of their respective fields following the creator’s vision. The use on material is uncompromising in quality and feel and each piece is the result of relentless research and development, to ensure comfort without sacrificing the expressive form.

Seemingly effortless contemporary pieces are a result of the tireless and pedantic design process. Each piece is truly built to last time, with sustainable materials, robust construction and classic shape. This is also the creator’s answer to the ever growing wave of consumerism.

A piece of design has to bring its owner joy through the years and be durable physically as well as aesthetically, that’s when it is truly sustainable.

The beauty of .TEBIAN furniture comes in their simplicity and definite powerful design language. The synergy between the material and the designer leads to design that can be felt, can be touched, and will touch whomever experiences it. The use of material and colour in some pieces is modifiable to meet customer needs for contract market. The guiding principles and pious details always remain.

Within the pages of this website you will find old and new .TEBIAN furniture pieces, all created to be perfect for different life situations.

From the creators heart to yours.