There is beauty in the ominous in the design of the Louisette mirror. The name derives from the original name of the French instrument of execution, the guillotine, with the shape of the top inspired by the deadly blade. Still, in its slender form and with its aesthetic, heavy marble stand the Louisette brings a calm feminine energy with it to any space. 

Sincere, deliberate, poetic, the Louisette mirror is available in a variety of marble and stone base options. The practical sizing allows the Louisette to be kept on a table, shelf or on a windowsill. It’s easily moved and repositioned. 

The cut top angle of the design enhances its functionality, as a place on where to store jewellery on without them sliding off the corner.

Design: Tebian
Dimensions:  11 x 15,5 x 40,5

International delivery: Shipping within EU

Product Fact Sheet

“Every morning she puts on her makeup at the windowsill of our kitchen. She says the light is best here, even though I installed those bright lights into the bathroom for her. I don’t mind, I like these quiet moments. She sits across from me as I sip my coffee and read the newspaper, and I see her reflection from the mirror she keeps at the windowsill. She is so focused, she doesn’t mind me spying on her. When she’s done, she gazes at me through the reflection and winks. I mouth “I love you” and she laughs.”