Simple and attractive in its graphic simplicity, the Crush table was originally created for a restaurant called Meat District, in the designer’s birth town of Porvoo.

In a space where the food and drink are in the spotlight, the Crush table provides a stunning surface to showcase on. The table top comes in 70 cm width, square or 12-sided polygon, veneer or high-pressure laminate.  The name of the Crush table comes from the shape of its legs, made of powder coated steel, crushed together at the bottom much like a bouquet of flowers, creating a unique look for this highly functional design. The adjustable button underneath each leg makes sure the Crush table stands unshakeable on any surface. No more stabilising tables with stacks of old napkins or business cards!

Compact and practical, comprising a balance between masculinestrength and feminine charm. The Crush table can be used indoors or outdoors, and though originally designed for restaurant use also works  wonderfully as a small dining table for home.

Made in Finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time 6-8 weeks
Dimensions: Height 73 cm, Dia 60 cm, Dia 70 cm, 70 x 70
International delivery: Please contact

Product Fact Sheet

" A dark room. Candlelight. Faint music on the background. Laughter. There are white napkins with rose gold embroidery on the black table. It’s the same colour as the bottle of Beaujolais Rosé we’re having. We usually go for red with almost anything, but with the main dish being fried zander with lemon tonight, rosé was recommended. I refill her glass. I’m trying to do it elegantly and smoothly, but I manage to spill some. She laughs and wipes the drops of wine from the smooth surface of the table with her sleeve. “Maybe we should hire a professional waiter to come to our home on these evenings - there would be much less wine gone to waste! "