Feminine elegance meets masculine directness in the design of the Adore chair.  The straightforward and tasteful design make it fit to match any table, or stand on its own.

A true journey of creation, years of relentless and uncompromising work brought the designer to the shape of his first chair. The Adore speaks true to the designer’s disposition in its unpretentious, ultra-minimalistic appearance and pedantic details. The seat is set to 2 degrees angle for a comfortable sitting experience and feel, persistently tested by the designer every day for over half a year. The final design obeys the designer’s principles without sacrificing any of the comfort.

The Adore is made of black powder coated steel to attain a slender gracefulness yet provide a firm support. The design is stackable to ensure highest functionality for any private or public spaces. Minimalistic in overall appearance, purposeful in every detail, the Adore chair will stand unhesitant through time.

The design is available with a European origin high quality semi-aniline leather, selection of high-quality fabrics for indoors or wooden seat for outdoor spaces.
Custom upholstery options for the seat and back are available for contract market upon request.

Made in Finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time 4-6 weeks
Dimensions:  Seating height 45 cm, Width 45 cm, Depth 51 cm

International delivery: Please contact

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“The things I agree to! This event was free, and the content is good I’ll give them that, but some people are just not born to be storytellers. Two hours have passed sitting here, and there’s still four more to go. There are about 200 people in this room, sat in long rows. I feel the weight of last night on my eyelids, pulling them down though I try to fight it. Suddenly, I flinch awake. 200 people are clapping loudly, and I quickly join them. The guy next to me looks at me and laughs. “Don’t worry, I think we are getting coffee next” Even though some of these speeches have been mind-numbingly boring, I do feel very comfortable supported by this chair. Almost too comfortable. Almost. There would definitely be worse places to spend a day in.”

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