A side-kick to the TF serie, TF45 stays true to the original inspiration and design only omitting the leg placement options found in the other pieces of this series,  as the shorter height allows the users feet firmly on the ground. With the shorter height the TF45 also works wonderfully as a side table or a stand. It truly amends to different uses for different life situations.

To find security and strength in a design for a slender stool was the aim in creating the TF serie. In his mind the designer was brought back to his young years, working in a metal workshop. The images came of the heavy working stools that the welders had crafted for themselves, solid and powerful, standing there in the moment, truly unshakeable regardless of what happens in the surrounding world. Firm and safe, they brought the perfect inspiration for this modern yet timeless piece of furniture. 

The TF45 stands on hexagonal rod steel frames and can be completed with various high quality fabric, European origin high quality semi-aniline leather, soft Australian sheep wool or classical wood seat.

Custom upholstery materials are available upon request on a contract market.

Plastic or felt glide

Made in Finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time 8 weeks
Dimensions Height 45 cm
International delivery: Please contact

Product Fact Sheet

"The sun dips down just below the horizon, before starting its climb up again. Summer nights in these latitudes are short and sweet. I like to relax here, empty my mind. I sit looking over to the glimmering lake, listening to the calming sounds of the waves, carving wood. I make bows and arrows out of juniper wood, though I’ve never hunted with a bow and arrow and probably never will. This is my happy place, where I come to rest my soul. Sometimes I make little wooden boats from the off cuts and send them out to the lake, but usually they obediently return back to the shore by morning. Come night the porch is covered with little chips of wood. I take my seat and put it back next to the bed, placing the bedside lamp on it. I’ll sweep the porch in the morning."