TF Serie


To find security and strength in a design for a slender stool was the aim in creating the TF serie.  In his mind the designer was brought back to his young years, working in a metal workshop. The images came of the heavy working stools that the welders had crafted for themselves, solid and powerful, standing there in the moment, truly unshakeable regardless of what happens in the  surrounding world. Firm and safe, they brought the perfect inspiration for this modern yet timeless piece of furniture. 

The TF serie, standing for Tebian Furniture, is persistently designed to marry power and elegance. Two placement options for the user’s feet ensure a rooted experience for anyone and in any space. 

Tireless, the TF serie stools stands on hexagonal rod steel frames and can be completed with various high quality fabric, European origin high quality semi-aniline leather, soft Australian sheep wool or classical wood seat.  The height options of 75 cm, 65 cm and 51 cm ensure a perfect fit for any table or countertop. The firmness and stability of the design allow it to also function as a stepping surface for reaching higher shelves.    

Custom upholstery materials are available upon request on a contract market.

Plastic or felt glide

Made in Finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time 8 weeks
Heights:  51 cm, 65 cm, 75cm
TF65 “counter” for 90 cm desk
TF75 “bar” for 100 cm - 110cm desk
International delivery: Please contact

Product Fact Sheet

"It’s just me. Just me, and the dark room. Well, not just, I do have my guitar with me. I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous before. I’ve done this so many times, but never with thousands of people here to see me. There’s nothing on this stage to hide behind. Just a man, sat on a stool, guitar on his lap. I lift my feet off the ground to shake them a little bit, to shake off the nerves. My body shivers but the seat is steady underneath me, helping me root to the moment. I lay my feet on the metal bar of the stool, adjust my posture once more. It’s a position that comes from the muscle memory by now, so many times I’ve taken it on this seat. The curtain opens, and the lights blind me for a second. Good evening and welcome."