Perhaps you can vividly recall the magical bright shape which draws itself on an indoor wall through the curtains on a bright sunny day. That ray of light marking the path to a tuffet of moss in the mist, sparkling through the trees as a glittering trail. The gleam that illuminates the dusty air in a run-down barn through the creaky wall planks, or the track on the wall of a dark room shaped by a streetlight finding its way in through the blinds.       

This phenomenon is called striida* 

This luminary occurrence was a strong inspiration for the creative process of this clothing rack, also giving it a name. The hangers are embedded in an oak frame and shimmer on the wall, bringing to mind a light flickering in a barn house, or the glow between Venetian blinds. The calm symmetrical form of Striida invites us to examine it up close. Striida is manufactured by hand in Finland.       

*Striida is Finnish film industry slang referring to a flash of light upon a surface or through particles of air.

Made in finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time approx. 4-6 weeks.
Dimensions: 3 / 40 cm, 5 / 72 cm
International delivery: Shipping within EU