πολύς, the name of this piece represents the many ways it can be used in private or public spaces, but also the 12-sided polygon of the foot and the top of the table and six-sided polygon steel rod leg. 

The designer was enthused by the interiors of old English countryside mansions to create a modern and aesthetic flower stand. Polús can be used as such to bring joy into any interior space or as a small table for narrow indoor and outdoor spaces. Just wide enough to set down a martini or a cup of coffee, or to hold a computer or a book.

Simple and compact, yet distinctive and expressive. The design is made of powder coated solid steel, resistant enough for outdoor use yet elegant enough for indoors. It’s light enough to be easy to move around any space,  yet sturdy enough to safely hold a laptop on. A small table, but a big helper in everyday life.

Made in Finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time 4-6 weeks
Dimensions:  Low 45 cm, High 60 cm height

International delivery: Shipping within EU

Product Fact Sheet

“The sun is warm, and the martini is cold. It causes little droplets of water to form on the outside of my glass, dripping down the stem to meet the black surface of the table. I cosy closer to the hot stone wall behind me, it’s been gathering the heat of the sun all day. People rush by me on this narrow sidewalk, on their way home from work I suppose. The corners of their coats brush my knees. I’ll go on with my evening too. But first, a martini.