A great design is like a natural law, universally pleasing, attractive, emotional yet seemingly effortless.

Strongly inspired by one of the designer’s favourite classic designs, the first piece of furniture he remembers feeling deeply connected to at first sight, the PK61 by Poul Kjaerholm in 1955. The Phidias table is tasteful and elegant, appealing in its simplicity and straightforwardness. This piece represents everything the designer adores: simplicity, purposeful detail and timelessness. 

A long journey, persistence and determination to pay homage to its inspiration. The design comes in different sizes, always applying the natural law of the golden ratio in their sizing.

Phidias table will elevate any space it is put into. The table top comes in three different sizes made of tempered Optiwhite™ or smoke grey glass. Legs are satin brushed solid stainless steel with lacquer surface. Phidias is a truly eternal piece that will stand proudly through time.

Made in Finland

Delivery time: This product is made to order, delivery time 8-10 weeks
Dimensions 49 x 80, 80 x 80, 129 x 80 Height 33cm
International delivery: Please contact

Product Fact Sheet

"We’ve had these family get-togethers since I was little, every Independence Day The grandparents, parents and the children, and this year, the children’s children too. My grandad makes his famous mushroom soup for starter and stew for main. We drink hot glögi and play board games all evening. We’re gathered around the low cafe table with a game of Jenga. The grandparents can’t comfortably sit on the floor anymore, so they observe from the armchairs. We’ve written little questions on the wooden blocks, so that whenever you pull one you have to answer the question. It’s our way of catching up with each other. I pull one out and the whole tower breaks down with loud cattering, spreading accross the table. “What’s your favourite moment from the past year?”, it says. I look around me and I smile. We build the tower back up ang start over. "